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ROY BARNES and DARRYL HICKS Fly Around Georgia
Monday, November 01 2010 06:03 AM

After seven months of hitting the road, campaigning across Georgia, Darryl Hicks will take to the air for the final stretch of the campaign to meet Georgia voters.

Monday morning, Nov. 1st, Darryl Hicks will join governor candidate Roy Barnes on the Jobs for Georgia Tour. They will fly from metro Atlanta to several cities across Georgia. At each stop Georgia's next governor and labor commissioner will rally with supporters to energize the campaign's GOTV (get out the vote) effort.

Darryl Hicks talks JOBS with CBS Atlanta TV 46
Friday, October 29 2010 01:37 PM

With less than five days until Election Day, Darryl Hicks, Georgia's next labor commissioner was the exclusive guest on CBS Atlanta's special ASK THE CANDIDATE series.

Hicks was interviewed by veteran political journalist Tom Baxter, editor of the SOUTHERN POLITICAL REPORT along with CBS Atlanta news anchor Stephany Fisher. Darryl spoke about his plan to bring jobs to Georgia. He stressed the need for Georgia to have a labor commissioner who will focus on training and get people who are unemployed back to work in stable, good-paying jobs.

Baxter asked why voters, particularly those who may lean Republican, should vote for Darryl Hicks. Hicks pointed out that unemployment is nonpartisan. Independents, Republicans and Democrats are hurting. With his executive management experience and his local government experience Darryl Hicks is the best candidate for the job. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE INTERVIEW.

Hicks to media: Unemployment is nonpartisan
Wednesday, October 27 2010 02:49 AM

In a rare one-on-one statewide news teleconference, Darryl Hicks told reporters that the race for labor commissioner comes down to the candidate with a proven track record of executive management experience and proven moral and ethical character. “My opponent, Mark Butler, clearly lacks the managerial experience for the job,” Hicks has noted, “and he has demonstrated a lack of ethics that I believe informed Georgia voters will reject.” 

“Unemployment is nonpartisan,” he added, “and we cannot afford to play politics with the labor commissioner’s office. Too many politicians are in office serving themselves, not the people.”


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